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WHA Unit 4 Review

A period of time during the French Revolution in which Maximilien Robespierre led the government in executing thousands of political figures and ordinary citizens-Men, women, and children. The Reign of Terror
When Napoleon took power in France he became a__________. dictator
Which legislative body was in power when Napoleon seized power? the Directory
What was the Continental System? It prohibited French or allied ships from trading with Britain.
Why didn't Portugal want to follow the Continental System? They depended on trade with Great Britain.
The __________ is the legislative body that ended the monarchy and proclaimed France a republic. National Convention
After Napoleon's exile, France became a _________. monarchy
The Declaration of the Rights of Man guaranteed the freedoms of the press, speech, and religion.
Why did the French people welcome Napoleon? They welcomed him because he promised to restore order after the chaos of the Revolution.
The French Revolution inspired people to fight for their rights in other parts of the world.
What are the causes of the French Revolution? Inequalities in society, ideas of the Enlightenment writers, poor leadership from Louis XVI, Financial crisis, and widespread hunger and record cold.
True or False: Napoleon Bonaparte was a brilliant military leader who could be described as ruthlessly ambitious. TRUE
Who had voting rights in the French constitution of 1791? tax-paying males over the age of 25
What was the goal of the Congress of Vienna? the purpose was to create a plan to restore order and stability to Europe after the turmoil of the Napoleonic Wars. They redrew the map of Europe and strengthened the nations surrounding France.
What were the Napoleonic Wars? A series of wars that France fought against other European nations in an effort to expand the empire.
Describe the Three Estates. First Estate- 1% of the population and made up of the Roman Catholic clergy. Second Estate-2% of population they were the nobility. Third Estate- 97% everyone else and peasants
A sense of patriotism and unity as a people is known as __________. nationalism
The political and social system in place in France before the Revolution and led by the King. Old Order
What was the plebiscite? the vote that made France an empire in 1804
Battle of Waterloo location where Britain and Prussia defeated Napoleon
Recognized the influence of the Roman Catholic Church in France Concordat
Who destroyed most of the French fleet in the Battle of the Nile? Horatio Nelson
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