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atropine ACH receptor inhibitor
endrophonium short term Ach esterase inhibitor
neostigmine medium term Ach esterase inhibitor
physostigmine medium term Ach esterase inhibitor
phyrimadostigmine medium term Ach esterase inhibitor
isoflurophate long term Ach esterase inhibitor
palidoxamine reverse the inhibition of isoflurophate
Tacrine Prototypical AChE inhibitor for AD
Donepezil reversible acetylcholinesterase inhibitor
Rivastigmine Parkinson disease
Galantamine Competitive, reversible AChE inhibitor
succinylcholine depolarizing agent
d-tubocuraine non depolarizing agent main poision blocks the NMm RECEPTOR
curare paralyzes affect the ach release, but it does not affect when they are taken in orally because the stomach breaks them down and releases it.
Fasiculation muscle twitching
plasma acetylcholinesterase ;butyrylcholinesterase to prolong the activity of break the Succinylcholine
suxamethonium or succylcholine muscle relaxant during anaesthesia
sarin, tabun, soman they are all gases used as nerve agents
Hemicholinium Competitive inhibitor of choline uptake (not taken up itself
Vesamicol Inhibition of packaging of acetylcholine into vesicles
Triethylcholine Inhibits choline uptake, taken up and acetylated to acetyltriethylcholine. Stored as a false transmitter (i.e. normal vesicular release)
Muscarinic cholinomimetics resemble the effects of parasympathetic stimulation
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