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CHAPTER 6 (cont.)

MORE chapter 6???????? POR SUPUESTO!

What does one scholar suggest as a model for enslaving people? Domesticating animals.
Who were the first slaves? Women in patriarchal societies.
What would empires do after conquering another state? Enslave the people.
Who was paid, slaves, or untouchables? Untouchables.
Did slaves have rights? No.
What was different about Aztec slaves? Children born from slave parents were free.
Was social mobility possible in castes? Not in their lifetime (they had to be reborn)
What percentage of Athens' population were slaves? Around 33%
What percentage of Rome's population were slaves? Between 33 and 40%
What percentage of China's population were slaves? Less than 1%
What are two differences in Greco-Roman slavery than that of other classical civs? There were more slaves in Greece/Rome, and the slaves could serve higher up positions (except serve in the military)
Was slavery race based? No.
Did anyone challenge slavery? No, not even Christians and Buddhists.
What were the 4 most common sources of slaves? POWs, reproduction, piracy, and orphans.
What work did slaves do in Rome? All of the work, except military positions.
Could slaves marry? Nope.
What happen if a master was killed by one of his slaves? All of the slaves would be killed.
What is the term for "freeing slaves"? Manumission
What were 2 common forms of slave rebellion? Mass suicide, and poor work.
How long did Spartacus' revolt last? From 73 B.C.E. to 71 BCE
What is the only successful slave revolt in history? The revolt in the 1790s, in Haiti.
Created by: 16alespr