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principals med-term

principals medical terminology

a-,an- negative, without asymmetric
ab- away from abduct
ad- towards adduct
anti- against antimicrobial
ante- before antecedent
bi- two, both bilingual
brachy- short brachyphalangia
brady- slow bradycardia
dys- painful, difficult dyskinesia
dors- back dorsiflexion
endo- inside endoscope
epi- above, upon epidermis
hemi- half hemiparesis
hyper- excessive, above,more than hypertension
hypo- decrease, below, less hypotension
inter- between, among intercostal
intra- within, inside intraoccular
macro- large, big macrocyte
mal- bad malfunction
micro- small microbiology
neo- new neonate
peri- around periosteum
poly- many polyarteritis
post- after postraumatic
sub- below sublingual
super- above supersaturate
tachy- fast tachycardia
-algia painful gastralgia
-asthenia weakness myasthenia
-cele hernia myocele
-centesis surgical puncture abdominocentesis
-ectomy surgical removal nephrectomy
-itis inflammation/infection osteomyelitis
-gram picture electrocardiogram
-malacia abnormal softening myomalacia
-megaly enlargement cardiomegaly
-necrosis death of tissue osteonecrosis
-ology study of cardiology
-osis abnormal condition cyanosis
-ostomy surgical opening colostomy
-otomy surgical incision craniotomy
-rrhea flow diarrhea
-pathy disease osteopathy
-plasty surgical repair osteoplasty
-rrhaphy suture gastrorrhaphy
-sclerosis abnormal hardening arteriosclerosis
-scope instrument to view endoscope
-stenosis narrowing arteriostenosis
aden gland adenectomy
angi/o vessel angioma
arteri/o aterio arteriopathy
arthr/o joint arthroscope
brachi arm brachialgia
cardi/o heart cardioplasty
cerebr/o brain cerebrosclerosis
cervi/c neck cervicectomy
chondr/o cartilage chondromalacia
col/o large intestines/colon colonoscopy
cost/o ribs costalgia
cyst/o sac/bladder cystalgia
cyt/o cell cytopathy
enter/o small intestines gastroenteritis
gastr/o stomach gastrectomy
hemo/hemat blood hematology
hepat liver hepatitis
hyster/o uterus hysterectomy
lapar abdomen laparotomy
laryng larynx(voice box) laryngitis
later/o side bilateral
lip/o fat liposuction
mamm/o breast mammogram
mast/o breast mastectomy
medial middle medialization
myel/o spinal cord/bone marrow myelitis
my/o muscle myomalacia
nas/o nose nasosinusitis
nephr/o kidney nephrotoxic
neur/o nerve neuritis
oophor ovary oophorectomy
oste/o bone osteomalacia
ot/o ear ototoxic
plegia paralysis paraplegia
pneum/o lung/air pneumonia
proct/o rectum proctologist
rhin/o nose rhinoplasty
salping/o fallopian tube salpingoophorectomy
tend/o tendon tendonitis
thorac chest thoracentesis
trachi trachea (wind pipe) trachiotomy
ASAP as soon as possible start ASAP
ABG’s arterial blood gases ABG stat
AC before meals take med AC
Amb ambulate or to walk Pt able to amb 10 feet
BP blood pressure B/P 140/80
BS blood sugar, bowel sounds, breath sounds BS 110 AC
CBC complete blood count CBC preop
CXR chest x ray CXR to confirm pneumonia
DNP do not publish DNP pictures
DNR do not resuscitate DNR order
EKG electrocardiogram EKG preop
FBS fasting blood sugar FBS in AM
GI gastrointestinal GI system
ICU Intensive Care Unit ICU room
Pt patient Pt unconscious
PT physical therapy PT to see pt
ROM range of motion ROM every day
Stat now CBC stat
TPR temperature, pulse, respiration TPR 98.6, 88, 20
VS Vital signs VS WNL (with in normal limits)
W/C wheel chair pt needs w/c for mobility
Created by: cbiondillo