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the lulz are strong with this one

What does "caste" mean? "Race" or "purity of blood"
The encounters of which two groups led to the caste system? The Aryans (light skin) and the Dravidians (dark skin)
Which caste system was the "old way"? Varna (four classes)
What were the top 3 classes? Top: priests 2nd: Warriors and rulers. 3rd: Commoners and farmers.
What group of people made up the top 3 classes? Aryans.
Were Dravidians in a social class? Yes, the 4th and bottom: Sudras.
Could Sudras take part in Hindu rituals? No, they were excluded.
Why were Aryans considered "twice-born"? Because they experienced not only a physical birth, but a formal initiation into their varnas as Aryans.
What class wasn't considered to be a part of the caste system? The "Untouchables"
Where did Untouchables get their name? From being unclean, and from the dirty jobs they had to do.
Could Untouchables reenter into the caste system? Never.
What was the "new way" in the Indian caste system? Jati.
What did Jati add to Varna? Thousands of smaller groups.
What was India's caste system based on? Religion.
What was China's class system based on? Social standing.
What were the four broad classes in China? 1. Scholar-gentry 2. Landlords 3. Peasants 4. Merchants
In which country was social mobility more prominent? China.
What are the 3 main reasons India seldom experienced a large empire? Caste was a local thing, castes varied all across India, and there wasn't a large national government.
What are the 3 functions of caste? Made society work as a sub. for gov., offered distinct place for almost everyone, and helped the wealthy exploit the poor.
Which Varna eventually became the farmers? The Sudras (eventually class above becomes merchants)
Created by: 16alespr