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World History Ch 4

First Age of Empires

regent a person who exercises the ruling power in a kingdom during the absence of a ruler
obelisk a tapering four sided shaft of stone in a pyramid shape
sapper soldier employed in the construction of tunnels to undermine enemy positions
(bas) relief a sculpture where figures are slightly higher than being flat
isthmus a narrow strip of land bordered on both sides by water connecting two pieces of land
pontoon a boat or floating structure used as support for a temporary bridge over water
immortals a 10,000 man army of Persians who helped Darius seize the throne
satrapy providence or jurisdiction of a satrap
satrap a governor of a providence under the ancient Persian monarchy
eyes and ears of the king official sent to inspect each satrapy
(zend) avesta a collection of sacred Zoroastrian writings, including gathas
jen (zi) a compassionate love for humanity and the world as a whole
filial piety respect for ones parents and deceased elders
analects a collection of Confucius' words
Confucianism an ethical system based on principles of right and wrong
dao the way
legalism the principle of strict adherence to the written law
Hyksos the ancient people who conquered and ruled Egypt in the 13th and 18th dynasties, Asiatic invaders
Hatshepsut a ruler of the new kingdom who ruled as regent for her stepson, Thutmose III
Thutmose III Hatshepsut stepson, a war-like ruler, invaded Canaan, Syria, and Nubia
Ramses II pharaoh who signed a non-aggression peace treaty with a Hittite king
Piankhi a Kushite king who overthrew the Lybian dynasty and ruled over Egypt
Assyrians known for military, "Spartans of the middle east". Aggressive and known for brutality
Assurbanipal a king who collected over 20,000 stone tablets from the fertile crescent
sennacherib an Assyrian king who destroyed 89 cities, 820 villages, and burned Babylon
Nebuchadnezzar a Chaldean king who restored Babylon
Cyrus II aka Cyrus the Great Persia's king, a military genius. His empire stretched from the Indus River in the east to Anatolia (Asia minor)
Cambyses II expanded Persian empire by conquering Egypt. Son of Cyrus II
Darius I Cambyses' successor. Rose to throne with the help of 10,000 immortals
Zoroaster a Persian prophet who lived around 600 BC.
Ahura Mazda the one god in Zoroastrian religion
Ahriman a force of evil, deceit, and darkness that Ahura Mazda will triumph over. Followers are condemned to eternal darkness, misery, etc.
Confucius China's most influential scholar who thought China could be restored using the 5 relationships
Lao Tzu (Laozi) a Chinese thinker to whom natural order was important
Han Feizi a founder of legalism
Qin Shihuangdi "first emperor" ordered all books to be burned except those dealing with medicine and farming
Avaris capital of Hyksos, eastern part of Nile Delta
Punt modern Somalia/Ethiopia
Thebes ancient city in upper Egypt, on the Nile. Ruins are in Karnak and Luxor
Napata Kush's capital which became the center for the spread of Egyptian culture
Meroe close to the Red Sea, where the Kushite royal family moved after defeat by Assyrians
Nineveh Assyria's capital along the Tigris River
Babylon the Chaldean capital after defeating the Assyrians. Center of a new empire and home of the hanging gardens. Often known as the most beautiful city.
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