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CMSBoyd Ch. 7

Chapter 7 - Ancient China

dyansty a series of rulers from the same family
aristocrat nobles, or upper class people, whose wealth comes from their land
pictograph written characters that stand for objects
ideograph two or more pictographs that are joined together to represent an idea
bureaucracy appointed officials who take care of different parts of the government
mandate a formal command to rule or do something important
Dao the “Way,” or a king’s actions to keep the gods happy
social class includes people who share a similar position in society
filial piety children must respect their parents and older relatives
Confucianism philosophy that taught that all men, regardless of their social class, should be allowed to join the government if they can do the work
Daoism philosophy that promotes a peaceful society and giving up worldly
Legalism philosophy that taught that people need a “School of Law” and harsh punishments to make them do their duty
acupuncture sticking thin needles into specific points on a patient’s body to relieve pain
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