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anciet rome

learn about julius caesar the punic wars and more!

who was julius caesar he was a famous general
what did he do? he conqured Gaul
Who feared him and who liked him? the patricians feared him because he was taking their money and the plebeians liked him because he was giving them money, land, and jobs.
What ultimately happened to caesar? he was stabbed 23 times by 23 different people on the senate floor.
Do you think this can happen today? no I do not because we have had presidents assassinated, and killed but never in the capital building.
How did the romans build roads? How they did this is they layered the roads using bricks, boulders, sand, clay mortar and gravel.
What is the Appian way? The Appian way is an 132 mile road it was the first roman road.
What was the purpose of an aqueduct? The purpose of an aqueduct was so the romans could have running water.
how does the modern world complete this function? We have pipes to give us running water.
Who were the Legions? They were comprised of 5500 men and made up of 10 cohorts.
Who were the cohorts? They were 480 men made up of 6 century's
Who were the centuries? They had 80 men led by a centurion made up of 10 squads.
Who were the squads? they had 8 men.
who were the calvary? each legion also had 125 mounted horseman.
The army's of rome built most of the wonders and improvements of the empire such as... roads, aqueducts, bridges and temples.
Created by: studyabby568