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french Revolution

What is humanism? where you think only for your self and your family.
when did china explore US? 1300's.
where is Florence? Italy.
why is Florence important? center of renaisannce.
Why is Italy where the renaissance started? former center of the Roman Empire.
what is the Vatican? City where the pope lives.
What is a Fresco? painted plaster.
what is the difference between Gothic and renaissance? Gothic painting didn't have the realism like renaissance.
what is the Pieta? Mary with jesus.
Where is Raphael buried? siant peter's cathedreal.
What is the Luther bible? The bible every one could read.
What the princes decide on? Each prince decides a religion for there land.
What was Luther's wife? Ex nun.
What was Luther's take on the peasant revolt? he didn't want violent revolts just to change the Church.
Why didn't Luther Recant what he said? he knew he was right.
What does protestant mean? Protester.
What does Catholic mean? universal.
3 types of christionanity? eastern orthodox, cathlic, protestant.
What Happened to king Henry's wives? all died Mary's mom got banished, and Elizabeth's mom got killed by king Henry
How many theses did luther have? 95.
who was rapheal? a renaissance man.
who was leonardo? a renaissance man known for the painting of mona lisa.
who was michelangelo? a renaissance painter.
Created by: 1314tommyhurst