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Cold War

Test Review

What issues are drawing New Zealand and Australia closer to Asia Immigration from East and southeast Asia, trade relations with Asia are increasing
Wat nation controlled Sinapore and Hong Kong during the 19th and 20th centuries Britian
What are the major issues facing Taiwan's future Changes of official corruption and economic problems. Remain an independent state or be united with the mainland
How many people died during the Koren War Estimated 4 million on both sides
What are the two most popular religions n Japan Buddhism and Christians
What is the biggest problem Japan faces today? Aging population, declining fertility and low level immigration
What is t he role of Japanese women in contemporary society? women makes up 50% of the workforce, most are in retail or service occupations, average salary is about half that of men
Define "amae" loyalty to the group or community relationships, reflected in the strengh of coroparate loyalties in contemporary Japan
What did the treay between Japan and the US accomplished after WWII Japan was free to move on its own, Japend spends less than 1 percent of its gross domestic product on national defense, whereas the US spends about 5 percent
What are the possible "roadblocks" of an emergence of a united Europe Structural and cultural differnces
What is the fundamental premise of existentialism the absence of god in the universe
What common currency did the European Union adopt in 2002 Euro banknotes and coins
What affected the sexual revolution in the 1960 Sex education in the schol and the decrimination of homosexuality. Introduction of the birth control pill gave people more freedom in sexual behavior, sexually explicit movies, plays and books
How did the recoving economy affect Europe after WWII With the help of the Marshal Plan
Which British PM instituted Britians welfare state Clement Atlee
Who was the first major figure in France after WWII Charles De Gaulle
Who was the first president of the Soviet Union Mikahail Gorbachev
When was the Berlin Wall constructed 1961
How can the Soviet economy be characterized Modern industrial Economy
Traditionally what were latin American economies based upon Export Import Economy
What terrorist group attacked NYC on Setember 11, 2001 Al-Queda
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