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The English brought their _________ to the New World, so they didn't blend with the natives. families
Spanish/Native mix Mestizo
____________ Were considered property and had no rights Slaves
A network of trade linking Europe, Africa, and the Americas. Triangle Trade
Europe to Africa First Leg
Traded guns, cloth, and money for slaves First Leg
Middle Passage. Africa to Americas Second Leg
Slaves for raw goods, sugar, cotton, furs, and molasses Second Leg
Americas to Europe Third leg
Port cities prospered and new cities built Third Leg
10 million enslaved,2 million died, Impacts of Atlantic slave trade
Monarch controls everything Absolute monarchy
The Sun king of France. Controlled nobles through military and service at Versailles.. Left France bankrupt. Louis XIV
The monarch has the right to rule given by God. Right to rule is passed through family lineage. Divine right.
Elizabethan era, dramas that appealed to all levels of society. Shakespeare
Don Quixote, Spanish, likely one of the best literary works ever Miguel de Cervantes
Questioning the _________ led to questioning of accepted science Church
Church doctrine accepted Aristotle and ____________ view of the universe Piolemy's
Earth at center of universe Geocentric
On the Revolutions of the Heavenly spheres, against the church and Aristotle. Perfect spheres. Copernicus
Affirmed Copernicus was right. Added ellipses Kepler
Used Copernicus and Kepler's theories and a Dutch sea telescope with pumped up lenses to study the 4 moons of Jupiter. Galileo
Catholic court to try heretics Inquisition
Wrote Leviathan, humans make a social contract to follow an absolute monarchy and life is good, before the contract life was brutish and short because people are selfish. Hobbes
Two Treaties of Government, before monarchy people were organized and free of war, born with natural rights, government protects rights and people can rebel if it doesn't. People are naturally good. Locke
Father of reason. "I think, therefore I am." Rene Descartes
Scientific Method Frances Bacon
Branches of Government, seperation of powers Montesquieu
Encyclopedias Diderot
Social contract between government and people Rousseau
Feminism Mary Walstonecraft
God set natural laws into motion and leaves Deism
Deist, French philosopher, first to really criticize the nature of God. Voltaire
An economic system in which the means of production are owned mostly privately Capitalism
Means of production who makes and sells
___________ writers originally popularized the term capitalism Marxist
Father of capitalism, Scottish political economist, moral philosopher, Wealth of Nations Adam Smith
Free market is guided by an ___________ to produce the right amount and variety of goods Invisible Hand
______________ benefits society, according to capitalism Competition
Laissez-faire Let them do
Workers can be treated badly, Some people become really poor, Some must lose for some to win Criticisms of capitalsim
Yuan (Mongols) overthrown by _____, centralized bureacracy, schools Ming
Forbidden _________ bulit in Beijing
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