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Chapter 4 Vocabulary

Crete An island southwest of the Greek mainland that is believed to be the center of the Minoan civilization
Mycenae A group that invaded mainland Greece around 1900 BC: the leaders of these people became the first Greek kings
Peloponnesus A peninsula in southern mainland Greece
Agamemnon The Mycenaean king who led the Greeks to victory in the Trojan War
peninsula A body of land with water on three sides
colony A settlement in a new territory that keeps close ties with its homeland
polis Each Greek city- state was like an independent country; these city- states were known as this…
agora - A market and a place where people would meet and discuss issues (debate)
Sparta - Greek city- state that focused on military service
Athens Greek city- state that focused more on government and education
Tyrant A person who takes power by force and rules with total authority
Oligarchy A form of government in which only a few people hold the power
Democracy A form of government in which all citizens share in running the government
satrapies The divisions of the Persian empire; each one ruled by an official appointed by Darius
Zoroastrianism The Persian religion
Direct Democracy - Mass gatherings where many people decide government matters
Representative Democracy - A type of government in which a small group of elected officials make governmental decisions on behalf of the population
philosopher Someone who is a great thinker and ponders the great questions of life
strait A narrow strip of water with land on both sides
helot The Spartan name for a captive worker or slave
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