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Chapter 6 Stack

jus for lulz

Which class was the largest in classical China? Peasant class.
What background were most imperial officials from? Rich families.
Why did emperors not like having rich officials? The rich often times overthrew the state.
Which class was the highest in classical China? Emperor's officials.
Which class was the lowest in classical China? Merchants.
Why were merchants treated as such? They were viewed as shameful for making a profit from other people's work.
What classical era traditions have changed since 1750? Slavery, monarchies, women's rights, and the treatment of untouchables.
Under Wudi's Civil Service Program, how were officials chosen? Through a written test(s).
Under Wudi's Civil Service Program, what was the Imperial Academy? A place of learning where officials became scholars as well.
How long did the Civil Service Program last? Into the 20th century.
Who did the Civil Service Program favor? The rich (surprise surprise)
What was emperor Wang Mang's biggest reform? He redistributed the land in China.
What American president is Wang Mang most like? Obama because they're both socialist Muslim hippy pothead America and capitalism haters.
Under Wang Mang, what became available to peasant families? Government loans (HIM AND OBAMER JUS LOVE THAT WELFARE AND THEM TAXES AND HATE FREEDOM)
What provoked the Yellow Turban Rebellion? Floods and epidemics.
Which class started the rebellion? The largest, the peasants.
What religion/idea greatly influenced the Yellow Turban Rebellion? Daoism. (GET 2 THA FOREST!!!!11!!!111!!!)
How was the economy affected by the YT Rebellion? It was almost completely killed.
How was the state affected by the YT Rebellion? It lead to the overthrow of the Han.
What does scholar gentry mean? Smart, old person.
How were peasants viewed by the scholar gentry? They were viewed as the backbone of the country.
How were the merchants viewed by the scholar gentry? They were viewed as cheaters and greedy.
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