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Wrld Hstry Ch4,5,6,7

Prentice Hall World History Connections to Today

Buddha taught that a person could achieve enlightenment through meditation
Both Hindu and Buddhists believe that the goal of life is to become one with the all-powerful spiritual force
In the joint family, the oldest male was the head of the household
By the late Gupta times, upper-class women were increasingly restricted to their homes
Before he was the emperor, Liu Bang (founder of the Hand dynasty) was a peasant
Some of Buddha's followers collected his teachings into a sacred text called the Tripitaka
What duty did Confucius believe people should put above all other duties? respect for parents
Daoists believe that the best government governed the least
Who does property belong to in an Indian family? the whole family
According to Legalism, a good ruler was one who used strict laws and harsh punishments
Confucius believed that the best ruler was a virtuous and educated man who led by example
The Han changed life in China by developing a civil service system
What event caused Emperor Asoka to convert to Buddhism? the war in the Deccan region of Kalinga
According to the law of karma, a person who is good obeys caste rules may be born into a higher caste in his or her next life
How did the Minoans (who built the first Greek civilization around 1750 BC) learn new ideas? by trading with Egypt and Mesopotamia
What do the epic poems of Homer tell us about? the lives of ancient Greeks at the time of the Trojan War
What happened as a result of Alexander's conquests? Greek culture spread to many parts of the world
Hellenistic civilization is a blend of Greek, Persian, Egyptian and Indian culture
Greeks believed that the most powerful Olympian was Zeus
Euclid wrote a textbook called The Elements that was the basis for modern geometry
By 500 B.C., Greek government was ruled by oligarchs
Alexander the Great shared his father's ambitions to conquer the Persian empire
What group is credited with expanding the Phoenician alphabet? Greeks
What prevented the Greeks from building a large empire like Egypt or Mesopotamia? Greece is made up of isolated valleys and small islands
Geographically, Italy was easy to unite because it is a penninsula with low mountains and plains
The Edict of Milan granted freedom of worship to all citizens of the Roman empire
The fall of the Roman Empire was a long, gradual process
In the Roman republic, the most powerful authority was the senate
What Roman god ruled over the sky and other gods? Jupiter
Which people revolted against the Romans in A.D. 66 and were driven out of their homeland? Jews
Some of the practical achievements of the Romans included the building of roads, bridges, and aqueducts
Who was Jesus's chief apostle? Peter
The expansion of Roman control over the Mediterranean had resulted in poverty and joblessness for many people.
The Romans were able to build a large empire because they had a strong, well-disciplined army and treated conquered peoples well.
Roman architecture stood as a symbol of Roman power and dignity.
The Romans put science to practical use by using medical knowledge to improve public health
Several years after Jesus began to preach his new beliefs, he was arrested, tried, and crucified by the Romans
Why did the Anasazi build their houses in high cliffs? The cliffs offered protection from invaders
The Aztec society was ruled by an emperor
Scientists believe that the temple mounds left by the peoples of the Mississippi and Ohio valleys represent the influence of Middle American civilization
Gold, the "sweat of the sun," was the symbol for the Sapa Inca
Under the system of government developed by the Incas, the emperor had absolute power over everyone and everything
The Aztecs built a powerful and wealthy empire by becoming fierce warriors and making alliances
During the last ice age, Paleolithic hunters and gatherers migrated across a land bridge from Asia to North America
As the population grew, how were the Aztecs able to acquire more farmland? they build artificial islands
Which froup developed the best metalworkers in America? the Incas
Why did the Anasazi abandon their cliff dwellings in the 1200s? there was a long drought
What was one way that the Incan emperors tried to unite their empires? they made all of their people learn to speak Quechua
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