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Jaeger BTE Unit 1

BTE Unit 1

Accuracy The degree of conformity of a measure to a std. or true value
Precision The degree of refinement with which an operation is performed or measured
Portfolio written record of the development of a project from inception to completion
Journal Daily record of writing sketches and research that capture the design process
Sketching an effective means of communication that utilizes freehand drawings
Project an event which is usually large in scope and involves planning,execution,and presentation which are outlined in the scope.
Working drawings The set of plans from which a structure or object will be built. b) The vehicle by which designers graphically conveys the final design solution
Project Notebook Notebooks documenting an undertaking that is evidence of design process, research, and final implementation of the design solution
Plagiarize Act of using another author’s work without giving proper credit; literary theft
Biohazardous any material which involves human fluids or may cause harm such as a bacteria
MSDS Material Safety Data Sheet, informational sheet w/information such as reactivity, clean up, chemical name, and toxicity
Personal Protective Equipment PPE, Any devices or clothing worn by the worker to protect against hazards in the environment
Pathogen Refers to a virus, bacterium, parasitic protozoan, or other microorganism that causes infectious disease by invading the body of an organism (e.g., animal, plant, etc.) known as the host
Virus A particle consisting of a nucleic acid (RNA or DNA) genome surrounded by a protein coat (capsid) which can replicate only after infecting a host
Created by: kjaeger