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Chapter 9 Vocabulary


Exchequer Treasury
Common law System of law that is the same for all people, based on court decisions that have become accepted legal principles.
Jury Group of people sworn to make a decision in a legal case.
Lay investiture Creation of bishops by anyone who is not a member of the clergy.
Annul Cancel or invalidate.
Crusade Holy war.
Schism Permanent division in a church.
Levy Collect
Religious toleration Policy of allowing people to worship as they choose.
Scholasticism In medieval Europe, school of thought that used logic and reason to support Christian belief.
Vernacular Everyday language of ordinary people.
Epic Long, narrative poem.
Flying buttress Stone support on the outside of a building that allowed builders o construct higher walls and leave space for large stained-glass windows.
Illumination Artistic decoration in books.
Epidemic Outbreak of a rapidly spreading disease.
Inflation Economic cycle that involves a rapid rise in prices linked to a sharp increase in the amount of money available.
Longbow Six-foot-long bow that could rapidly fire arrows with enough force to pierce most armor.
Created by: Ashley Luallen