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French Revolution & Enlightenment Art, Literature, Technology

What are two causes of the French Revolution? 1-Influence of Enlightenment ideas; 2-Influence of American Revolution
What are two main events of the French Revolution? 1-Storming of the Bastille; 2-Reign of Terror
What are two outcomes of the French Revolution? 1-End of Absolute Monarchy in France [King Louis XVI is beheaded]; 2-Rise of Napoleon
What was the first event of the French Revolution? Storming of the Bsstille
Name the 3 groups of French society, who was in each group, and what % of the population they were. 1-1st Estate/Clergy (1%); 2-2nd Estate/Nobility (2%); 3-3rd Estate/Bourgeoisie upper middle class to skilled workers to peasants (97%)
Name 3 improvements to technology from this time period. 1-all weather roads for year round transportation and trade; 2-new farm tools increased productivity; 3-improvements to ships lowered costs of transport
Describe the Reign of Terror. Time period when people in France who were accused of working against the Revolution were arrested and beheaded.
Describe the importance of the Storming of the Bastille. Symbolic importance because it showed the French people were ready to stand up to the King of France.
Name a Baroque composer. Johann Sebastian Bach
Name a Classical composer. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Name a person that is considered a political philosopher. Voltaire
Who wrote the 1st modern novel and is considered a novelist? What is the novel's title? Miguel de Cervantes wrote "Don Quixote"
Famous painter of the Age of Reason who painted a famous piece about the French Revolution. Eugene Delacriox painted "Liberty Leading the People"
What was the new form of literature that evolved? Novel-1st novel was "Don Quixote"
Who did art (paintings) change during this time? Paintings showed classical subjects, public events, natural scenes, and living people (portraits)
Created by: kmprice06