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Timmy Adams


Who is Allah? The concept of belief in one god , in Arabic, was known on the Arabian peninsula
Muhammad Born into the clan of a powerful Meccan family, and Orpahaned at the age of six, Muhammad was was raised by his grandfather and his uncle and was the last prophet
What is Islam ?
What is Muslim?
What is hijrah?
What does mosque mean?
What does haji mean?
What is Qur'an?
Sunni Believed that the first four caliphs were rightly guided
Shi'a Believed that Ali, Muhammad's son-in-law, should have succeeded him
What is the house of wisdom? Translation center
What is calligraphy? Th art of beautiful handwriting
What is the name of the bowl on the water clock? Clespdrya
What does Islam teach it's followers? That there is only one god and it teaches there is a good and evil and that everyone is response able for thei own action
How does carrying out the five pillars and other laws of Islam affect the daily lives of Muslims? It ensures that Muslims live their religion while serving there community
Why were Muhammad's ideas un popular in Mecca? Because Meccas were polytheistic
Why was muhammad's return to Mecca so important? It was important because Mecca finally accepted Islam
What years did the Abbasid empire expand? 1242-1258
Life in Mecca was defined by? Hungar, violence, and warfar
Why did mahammad's discourage the creation of images of himself? Because he did not want to be worshiped
What became the highest art form in Islam? Caligraphy
How were woman treated in Arabia? Like second hand citizens
What rights did women gain under Islam? Inheritance property, and divorce
How did the treaty of hudaibiyya change the relationship between the Muslims and the quarysh? They weren't treated badly anymore
Created by: Timmy12