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Chapter 10

In 570AD, Muhammad was born in the city of _____________, in modern day ___________ Mecca & Sadi Arabia
Life in Mecca was defined by ________, _________, & tribal ______ Hunger, violence and war.
Why did Muhammad discourage the creation of images of himself? He didn't want to be a god.
Muhammad believed he was a _______. Prophet.
What did the Quraysh leaders plan to do ? Kill Muhammad.
What years did the Abbasid Empire span? 750-1258
Where was the Abbasid capital? Baghdad.
What influence did the location have on their openness to other cultures? Increased in trade.
Who is the narrator of the tales? Scheherazade.
What has the king done to his previous wives? He killed them because they cheated and they were unfaithful.
What are some countries in which the Arabian nights originated ? Persia and India .
What is the name of the bowl on a water clock? Clepsydra
What told the hours and minutes on the Universal Balance clock? An iron beam.
During his travels, what was Muhammad exposed to? New ideas, Christians, Jews and other tribes.
How were women treated in Arabia at the time? Second hand citizen.
How did Muhammad feel about that? He condemned it.
What rights did women gain under Islam? Property, ownership, divorce.
What was the purpose of Muhammad's journey to Mecca with his followers after the Khandaq? Pilgrimage .
What was the outcome of the challenge posed by the Quraysh to the Muslims? They will make a treaty. ( a deal )
How did the treaty of Hudaibyya change the relationship between the Muslims and the Quraysh? A moment of trial.
Were the Muslims allowed to enter Mecca for the pilgrimage? No, Muhammad sends a messenger & they don't let them in.
How did hostilities between the two groups begin? Surprised a trading caravan.
What happened to Muhammad during the Night Ascension ? They sent people after him.
Why did the Meccans Start to persecute Muhammad and his followers? They felt threatened .
Created by: Jasmine Lowe