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Chapter 10.

Where was Muhammad born? Mecca.
Why did the pilgrims regular go to Mecca? To worship idols.
After Muhammad's parents died, what did he become? Merchant/trader.
What years did the Abbasid empire expand? 750-1258.
Where was the Abbasid capital? Baghdad, Iraq.
Name the 2 countries in which the tales in “Arabian Nights” originated. Persia and India.
What does Islam teach its followers? That there is good and evil. Also, that each individual is responsible for their own actions and life.
How does carrying out the 5pillars of Islam and other laws effect the daily lives of Muslims? It ensures that Muslims live their religion while serving in their community.
In what ways did Muhammad's beliefs differ from Arab religion of the time? The belief of only one god.
What rights did women gain under Islam? Marriage and Divorce.
Muhammad was believed to be a..? Prophet.
Why did Muhammad discourage the creation of images of himself? He didn't want to be worshipped.
Mecca was a .... and .... Center, located along major trade routes. Religious and commercial.
Mecca is modern day..? Saudi Arabia.
According to the Quran, one of the primary duties of a Muslim is to prevent? Injustice and wrongs.
What are the three major cities in Islam? Mecca, Madina, and Jeruslam.
The social class of Islam. 1st class - Muslims at birth 2nd- converts to Islam. 3rd- the protected people 4th- slaves
Muslim literature. Qur'an was standard for literature and poetry.
The roles of women. Men manage women affairs Women raised the kids Responsibilities of women differed on husband incomes. Women in public were veiled
How did the Abbasids come to power? Rebel groups overthrew the Umayyads, the most powerful of those groups, the Abbasids, took control of the empire.
What ended the elective system of choosing a caliph? In 661 Ali was assassinated, the elective system of choosing a caliph died with him.
What led to the downfall of the Umayyads? Political control of the immense territory.
How did the treaty of Hudaibiyya change the relationship between Muslims and the Quraysh? They got along much better.
What enabled the Muslims to capture Mecca without a fight? Mecca realized they were going to loose and surrendered.
Created by: Kenna_cieraa