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Cameron chico

Chpt. 10

Muhammad was born into clan of a powerful_________ family. Meccan
How many time did the muslims pray a day? Five
What is sufi? A muslim who seeks to achieve direct contact with god through mystical means
When did Abbasidsget power? 750
What were the three holiest cities in Islam? Mecca, Medina, and Jerusalem
Why did pilgrims regularly came to Mecca? To worship idols
During his travels what was Muhammad exposed to? Different tribes and ideas
In time Muhammad came to belive he was a ______? Prophet
Why did Muhammad discourage the creation of images of himself.? He didnt want to be worshipped
In wahat ways did Muhammad's beliefs differ from arab religion of the time? The belief in only one god
These pilgrims generated a lot of trade. After Muhammad's parents died, he became a _____________. Merchant/ trader
What does Umayyads mean? They came to power.
How many social. Classes in Baghdads population? Four
What are the four social classes? Upper class, second class, third class and lowest class
What is calligraphy? The art of beautiful hand writing.
What did muslim scholars believe was the basis of all knowledge? Mathematics.
What is caliph? Successor or deputy
What does jihad mean? Striving
To be a muslim what are the five duties? Faith, prayer, alms, fasting, pilgrimage.
What is the concept of belief in one god? Allah
What is Qur'an? The holy book of muslims
What does Muslims refer to Christians and Jews? People of the book.
What did the muslim community have difficulty doing? Maintaining a unified rule.
Ewhat did the muslim husbands do if thet wanted to divorce their wives? Repeat three times " I dismiss thee"
Created by: Kawirider