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Brandon Gaines

Chapter 10

1.) What were Muhammad's revliations ? He said he was called to by the angel Gabrail .
2.) why were Muhammad's ideas unpopular in Mecca . He said to abandoned all the gods most of the people believed in at that time.
3.) what is the name of the bowl on the water clock ? A clypsidra
4.) What does lslam teach its followers? Faith , prayer , alms , fasting , and pilgrimage
5.) how where women treated in Arabia at the time ? They were treated as second hand citizens .
6.) according to the Quran one of the primary duties of a Muslim is to prevent ? In justice and wrongs
7.) What did the "Rightly Guided" caliphs use as guides to leadership? They used the Quran as guides to their leadership
9.) Why were they successful in their quest to expand the empire and spread lslam. They had a strong military
10.) How did the Abbasids come to power. They moved the capital to Baghdad
11.) According to Muhammad who are the infidels ? The polytheists
12.) what are some issues among modern Muslim women? Fitting in and keeping their faith
13.) what are the Role of Women in Arabia ? Muslim women have more economic and property writes . None the less the women are still expected to submit to the men.
14.) in 570AD , Muhammad was born in the city of ? Mecca
15.) Mecca is what modern day city ? Saudi Arabia
16.) in time Muhammad came to believe he was a what ? Profit
17.) what years did Abbasid empire span ? 750-1258
18.) where was the Abbasid capital ? Egypt
19.) what influence did the location have on their openness in other cultures? Since they were in Egypt they were surrounded around many other cultures to trade with .
20.) what are two of the holiest cities in Islam ? Mecca and Jerusalem
21.) why did Muslim empires build large impressive cities and mosques ? To show their power
22.) what was the purpose of the 1001 stories ? To keep her husband calm.
23.) what happened to Muhammad during the night ascensions ? He was awaken by the archangel Gabreil.
24.) what rights did women gain under Islam ? To divorce and keep their heritage .
Created by: Brandon Gaines