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Ayla Polk

Chapter 10

Muhammad . Took great interest in relgion and often spent time alone in prayer and meditation .
Why were Muhaddams ideas unpopular in Mecca ?. - They believed he's ideas would have led to neglect of the traditional Arab gods . - Mecca would lose it's position as a pilgrim center .
What does Islam teach it's followers ?. - One god . - Good and Evil . - Each individual is responsible for the actions of his / her life .
How did Islamic law affect Muslim attitudes towards Christians and Jews ?. They referred to them as " People of the Book ."
Why did Muslims call Christians and Jews , " People of the Book ?." Because each religion had a holy book with teachings similar to those of the Qur'an .
What is the name of the bowl on a Water Clock ?. Clepsydra .
What told the hours and minutes of a Universal Balance Clock ?. Weights . The large weights told the hours , and the small weights told the minutes .
Muslim Cities . Cordoba - the Umayyad capital . Carie - the Fatimid capital .
What do the Muslims cities symbolize ?. They symbolize the strength of the Caliphate , and were very impressive .
Muslim Social classes . Upper class - Muslims at Birth . 2nd class - Islams . 3rd class - protected people , like Christians , Jews and , Zoroastrians . Last class - Slaves .
What did the slaves do ? They most frequently performed house hold work or fought in the military .
Role of Women . Men are the managers of the affairs of women .
What rights did Muslim women have that others didn't ?. Muslim women had more economic and property rights than European , Indian , and Chinese women .
Muslim literature . Literate had been a strong tradition in Arabia even before Islam .
Popular literature included what ?. The Thousand and One Nights .
What is the Thousand and One Nights ?. A collection of Fairy tales , parables , and legends .
Muslim Medicine and Science . Muslims contributions in the sciences were most recognizable in medicine , mathematics , and astronomy .
What were they reliant on ?. On scientific observation and experimentation and the ability to find mathematical solutions to old problems .
Mecca was ?. A religious and commercial center .
Where was Mecca located ?. Along major trade routes .
Why did Pilgrims regularly come to Mecca ?. To worship idols .
Durning Muhammad's traveling what was he exposed to ?. Different languages and religions .
What did Muhammad come to believing he was ?. A prophet .
How were the women treated in Arabia . They were viewed as property .
What rights did women gain Under Islam ?. Allowed to divorce , marriage laws . And had the right to their heritage laws .
What are some issues modern Muslims women are concerned with ?. Marriage , and relationships .
According to the Qur'an , one of the primary duties of a Muslim is to prevent what ?. The justice in the world .
The 3 holiest cities in Islam are ? Medina , Mecca , and Jerluism .
Why did Muslim empires build large , impressive cities and Mosques . To show wealth , make everyone think they were the best .
What was the purpose of the tales " 1001 Nights ? " To show / prove her love for her husband .
Created by: Ayla Polk