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Hannah Cummings

Ch 10

Why were Muhammeds ideas unpopular in Mecca? They believed his ideas would lead to neglect from their gods.
Why was the Hijrah a turning point? Muhammad attracted many devoted followers.
What does Islam teach it's followers? The five Pillars.
How did Islamic law affect Muslims attitude towards Christins and Jews? Muslims view Jesus as a prophet not as the Son of God.
What did the califs use as guides for leadership? The Quran and Muhammeds actions.
What are Muhammad's followers called? A.Sunni B.Shia C.Sufi
How did the Abbasids come to family? They killed the Umayyads.
What problem did the Abbasids face? They couldn't keep control of territory.
True or false. Muhammad was religiously tolerant. False
Was it typical to have social classes? Yes
How many social classes were there? Four.
Muslim women had more ________&_________ rights than women of other religions and races. Economic and property
Name 4 things literature was composed of. Bravery, love, generosity, and hospitality.
Achievements in ________ were very recognized. Medicine.
What problems caused the decline of the Abbasid empire. It was too vast to control from one center.
Where was the Abbasid capital? Baghdad
What influence did the location have on their openness to other cultures? Persia and India influenced their culture.
What is the name of the bowl on a water clock? Outflow clepsydra
What told the hours and minutes on the universal balance clock? Weights.
Muhammad was born in what city? Mecca
Life in Mecca was defined by _______, _________, and _________. Hunger, violence, warfare
After Muhammad's parents died he became a what? (First an orphan) trader
Why doesn't Muhammad want pictures or sculptures of himself? He didn't want to be viewed as a god.
How were women treated during that time in Mecca? As property.
Muhammad's message began to attract followers who were? Poor.
Mecca was a ______&_______ center, located along major trade routes. Religious commercial
Muhammad was born in what year? 570 ad
Were Muslims allowed to enter Mecca for the pilgrimage? No
Created by: HannahCummings