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Blakelen Cunningham

Chapter 10

Muhammad Took great interest in religion and attracted many devoted followers
Islam Submission to the will of Allah
Cordoba The Umayyad capital
Social classes Upper class were Muslims at birth, second were Islams, third class were protected people such as Jews, Christians, and zoroastrians.
Muslim men Are the managers of the affairs of women
Clepsydra The bowl on a water clock
Sundials The first devices people used to divide the day into periods and to track its length
Medicine and science The sciences were most recognizable in medicine, mathematics, and astronomy
Mecca Defined by hunger, violence, and tribal warfare
Mecca A religious and commercial center
Pilgrims Came to Mecca to worship idols and they generated a lot of trade
During Muhammad's travel Exposed to different things such as languages and religion
3 holy cities in Islam Medina, Mecca, Jerusalem
Muhammad's night during the ascension Went to Jerusalem and meet other profits
Muslims We're not allowed to enter Mecca for the pilgrimage
What does Islam teach it's followers There is one god, good and evil, each individual it's responsible for the actions in his/hers life
Where was Mecca located? Along a major trade routes
Women in Arabia Were viewed as property
What did Muhammad believe he was? A prophet
Why did Muslim empires build large, impressive cities and mosques? To show wealth and make people think they were the best
What was the purpose of the tales 1001 nights? Show her love for her husband
Cairo The Fatimid Capitol
What did slaves do? Slaves performed household work or fought in the military
What is the 1001 nights? A collection of fairytales, fables and legends
Created by: Blakelen