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Georgia Gizzi

Ch. 10

Muhammad was born in the city of... Mecca
In the time of Muhammad's birth, Mecca was known for... Hunger, violence, and tribal warfare.
Pilgrims regularly came to Mecca to... Worship idols of the Kaba.
After Muhammad's parents died he became a... Trader.
During his time as a trader, Muhammad was exposed to... Different tribes, cultures and religions.
Muhammad believed he was... The last prophet.
True or false: His family thought from the beginning it was amazing and also started believing the religion. False. They thought it was absurd.
How did Muhammad's beliefs differ from the Arabs religion? Unlike Muhammad, the Arabs didn't believe in an after life.
The Muslim book is called the... Quran
True or false: Muhammad had paintings and statues made in honor of him as the last prophet. False. He discouraged it deeply because he did not want people worshiping him.
The highest form of art in Islam was... Literature
What kind of followers did Islam first start to attract? The poor, slaves, and women.
How were woman viewed in Arabia? As property.
How did Muhammad feel about the way woman were treated? He was against it.
True or false: woman gained the right to divorce in Islam. True
What's the name of the bowl on a water clock? Outflow clepsydra
What encouraged the flow of the Muslim trade? Banks set up throughout the Muslim empire.
What did Arabia later become known for? Trading different types of goods from both near and far.
Muslims allow the people they conquer to... Convert to Islam.
What did Abu-Bakr promise the Muslim community? That he would uphold what Muhammad stood for.
The three holy cities of Islam were... Mecca, Jerusalem, and Medina,
What told the hours and minutes on a Universal Water Clock? Where the larger and smaller weights were.
How did Muhammad first change? He'd said that the angel Gabriel came to him.
Som issues modern Islamic women have to deal with today include... Marriage, dating, and how to dress.
Muhammad allowed groups of Muslims to go to Medina to... get food.
What did the leaders of Mecca gain from the departure of Muslims? They gained more property and homes.
What did the leaders of Mecca lose from the departure of Muslims? They lost the Muslim religion.
What was the purpose of Muhammad's journey to Mecca with his followers after the battle of Khandaq? To make a pilgrimage.
What symbol of their peaceful intention was clearly understood by the Quraysh? To spread peace, be devotional, and spread messages.
What caused Muslims to migrate to Medina? They had to escape from the Meccans.p
Created by: gdawn17