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Mady Ashcraft

Chapter 10

Arab nomads Bedouins
What does Muslim mean? It is one who has submitted
When did Muhammand leave in Mecca? In 622 BC
What happened in 630 BC? Muhammand and 10,000 of his followers marched to the outskirts of Mecca.
What age did Muhummand die? At age 62
What is the concept of belief In one god? Allah
What were the five pillars? Faith, prayer, alms, fasting, pilgrimage
What is Quran? A book of collected revelations.
Carrying out the five pillars ensures what? That Muslims live their religion while serving in their community,
Islam has no priests or what? Central religious authority
The original source of authority is what? Allah
What is a Sunna? Muhammad's example
The guidance of the Qur’an and Sunna was assembled in a body of law known as what? Shari'a
What is a mosque? An Islamic house of worship
Believers are forbidden to eat and drink what? Eat pork and drink intoxicating beverages
What is a caliph? A successor or deputy
Abu-Bakr had promised the Muslim community what? That he would uphold what Muhammad stood for.
The Abbasids moved the capital to where? Baghdad
Who conquered Spain? Berbers
How long did the Abbasid caliphate last? From 750-1258 BC
What did the Muslims do to encourage the flow of trade? Money changers set up banks throughout the empire.
In the tenth century, Cordoba had a population of...? 200,000
Cordoba became a dazing center of what? Muslim culture
What is calligraphy? The art of beautiful handwriting.
Popular literature included collections of what? Fairy tales, parables, and legends.
What is theHouse of Wisdom? A combination of a library, academy, and translation center.
Bedouin poets composed poems celebrating Ideals such as Bravery, love generosity, and hospitality.
Bahgdad has how many social classes? Four social classes.
What are the social classes? The upper class, the converts, the protected people, and the lower class.
Created by: M.Ashcraft