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Raven Trecost


What was the name on the water clock Outflow clepsydra
Why was Hijrah important? Because that's what migration was known as
What did Muhammad do? He moved to the town of Yathrib
What are the 5 pillars? Faith, prayer, alms, fasting, and pilgrimage
Sunna Muhammad's example for the best living for proper family
Shari'a Regulates the family life, oral conduct, and business and community ife of Muslims
Qur''an Holy book of the Muslims
Muslims refer Christians and Jews? "People of the book"
Abu-Bakr Became the first "caliph"
Caliph Means "successor" or "deputy"
Sunni Followers of Muhammad's example
Sufi Rejected the luxurious life of the Umayyad
Shi'a Meaning party
Abbasids moved there capital to a newly created city called? Baghdad
Caliphate began in North Africa and spread across the Red Sea to the western Arabian and Syria
Calligraphy Art of beautiful handwriting
Al-Razi Gretest physician of the Muslim world
The guided for the perplexed Blended philosophy between religion and science
Moses Ben Maimon Jewish philosopher and physician
Three Muslim empires Ottoman, Safavid, Mughal
House of Wisdom Library, academy, and translation center
Role of woman Men are the managers of the affairs of women
Abbasid Baghdad
Mecca City in western Arabia
Arab nomad Bedouins were organized into groups or tribes
Islam Submission to the will of all Allah
Muslim One who has submitted
Mosque Islamic house of worship or wherever they find themselves
Umayyads A family that came to power
Abbasids Control of the empire
Created by: Raventrecost