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What are bedouins? Arab nomads.
What were the three holy cities? Mecca, jerusulum,and medina.
What was known as the hijrah? A migration led by Muhammad from Mecca to yathrib.
What were the five pillars? Faith, prayer, alms, fasting, and pilgrimage.
Why did Muhammad's teachings anger people in Mecca? They feared people would abandon traditional gods.
What do people believe about Muhammad? He was the last and greatest of the prophets.
What were caliphs? They were successors of the prophet, leaders in Islamic culture.
What did the Umayyads do? They moved Islam capital to damascus.
What did shi'a mean? The party of Ali.
Where did the Abbasids move the capital to? Baghdad
What to sea trading networks allowed Islamic trade through out the world? Mediterranean Sea, and Indian Ocean.
What were the four social classes? Upperclass, converts to Islam, then the protected people Jews, and Christians etc., and the the last which were slaves and prisoners etc.
What was the basis of Arabic literature? The Qur'an
What was Islamic art? They considered it calligraphy.
Why did Muhammad not want a picture drawn of him? Because he didn't want to be considered a god.
What contributed to calligraphies popularity? Muslim law prohibited the drawing of living beings.
How did al-khwarizmi contribute to math and science? He developed the study of algebra.
Where women and men equal? Yes, in gods eyes as long as they were believers.
Who were infidels? People who were non believers, and people who didn't pay taxes.
What circumstances allowed Muslims to declare war? If a non believer were to attack them.
What ended the elective system of a caliph? When uthman was assassinated.
What did the caliphs use as guides to leader ship? They used the Qur'an and Muhammad's actions.
What were Muhammad's revelations? Allah is the one god.
What changes did the rightly guided caliphs make? They expanded Arabia's control to 6000 miles and spread Islamic culture.
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