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Shaneena Kovar

Chapter 10

3 holiest cities in Islam Mecca, medina and Jerusalem
Why did Muslim empires buld large, impressive cities and mosques? To show their wealth and power
What was the purpose of the tales from 1001 nights To teach lessons or to entertain
Muhammad was born in..... Mecca or what today is Saudi Arabia
Muhammad came to believe he was a? Prophet
True or false: calligraphy became the highest art form in Islam. True
True or false: the Muslims were allowed to enter Mecca for the pilgrimage. False
Where was the Abbasid capital located? Baghdad
What countries were some tales from "1001 Arabian nights" originated? Persia, India, Iraq, Syria, Egypt and more
Who is the narrator of the tales? Some one who "witnessed" the story
What is the name of the bowl on the water clock? Outflow clepsydra
What told the hours on the unaversial balance clock? Hours were determined by the position of the big weight and minutes were Determined by the position of the small weight
Who was Allah? The angle god sent to Muhammad or what Muslims call god
What was Muhammad's migration to yathrib called? Hijrah
Faith, prayer, alms, fasting, and pilgrimage was known as what? The five pillars
The Arabian peninsula is a crossroads for what three countries? Africa, Europe, and Asia
Why did Muhammad leave town? Some of his followers were killed
How can you identify a mosque? The calligraphy, the domes and the point thingies
The one archways faces where? Mecca
The qu'ran is what? The holy book of Muslims
What is a hajj? A pilgrimage
Why is Mecca important? That is were Muhammad was born
Meat did Muslims consider Christians and Jews? The people of the book
Abbasids, what are they important? Took over the Umayyads
What was the outcome of the challenge posed by the Quraysh to the Muslim? Someone proposed a treaty
What enabled Muslims to capture Mecca with out a fight? They had a fairly large army
Created by: ShaneenaKovar