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Alyssa dean

Chapter 10

What would become a part of the Islamic way of life Bedouin ideals of courage and loyalty to family
What were Bedouins Arab nomads
What did caravans bring to western Arabia Religious pilgrims who came to worship a shrine
What did the Ka'aba contain 360 idols brought by many tribes
Who was Allah The Islamic god
What is the difference between Muslim and Islamic Muslims means one who has submitted and Islamic means submission to the will of Allah
What did Muhammad and his followers do in 630 They marched to the outskirts of Mecca
How old was Muhammad when he died 62
What were the five duties Muslims had to carry out known as The five pillars
How became the first caliph and what does it mean Abu-Bakr it is a title that means successor or deputy
What does jihad mean Striving and it can refer to near struggle against evil
What happened after Abu- Bakr died Muslims conquered Syria and lower Egypt
What was one reason for success They saw their victory and drew inspiration and energy from their faith
What attracted invaders They were attracted to the appeal of the Islamic message
What were the Christians and Jews known as The people of the book
Who were the shi'a The party of Ali
Who was the most powerful group out of the Sunni, shi'a, Sufi, and the Abbasids The Abbasids
What family took over after Ali died The Umayyads
Who set up the Umayyad caliph Abd al-Rahman
Who formed the Fatimid caliph The Shia Muslims
Who offered sakks to merchants Bankers
What city had a population of 200,00 by the tenth century Cordoba in al-Andalus
Where was the cosmopolitan character most evident Urban centers
Why was Baghdad so impressive Because of the grand mosque and the caliphs palace
What does the Quran declare Men and women as believers are equal
What were Muslim women expected to do Submit to men