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Ben Talbott

Chapter 10

True or false, the Qur'an is the holy book of the Israelites. False
What is another name for Muhammad's example? Sunna
Did the Islamic people worship one god, if so what was his name? Yes, Allah
Islamic law made the Islamic people have what to the "People of the Book"? Religious tolerance
The death of who ended the elective system of choosing a caliph? Ali
True or false the Abbasids took control after the "Rightly Guided" all passed away? False
What were the names of the three main groups of people in Islam? The Sh'ia, Sunni, and the Sufi
What did the "Rightly Guided" caliphs use as guides during their rule? They used the Qur'an and Muhammad's example to rule.
According to Muhammad, who were infidels? They were people who didn't pay their taxes, or people who didn't believe in God.
True or false, according tho the Qur'an you should only kill people if they attack you first. True
Did the Islamic people view people who converted over to their faith as below people who were born Islamic In the social class yes
A water clock is which of the following, it uses sand, water, or mud Water
Who was the first empire to start using the water clock Egyptians
Is the bowl shaped figure on a water clock called a clepsydra, a fulcrum, or was it called a bowl Clepsydra
Did the water clock use weights yes or no Yes it did
What did cities symbolize in Islam They represented the strength of the caliph
Did the social class in Islam have three, four, or five social classes? Four
According to the Qur'an were women and men equal Yes
What is the standard for Arabic literature and poetry The Qur'an
Where was the Abbasid capital located Baghdad
In the story of 1001 nights did the king do to his previous wives He killed them
Is the king whom had killed all his wives named king Edmund, Peter, Susan, Lucy, or Shahryar? King Shahryar
In what countries did the stories originate? In Persia and India
What was the name of the angel who visited Muhammad Gabriel
What are the three holy cities in Islam Jerusalem, Mecca, and Medina
Was Muhammad raised by his parents No because they were dead
True or false, Muhammad was born in the city of Medina False.
Did Muhammad agree with the way women were treated during his time. No
What was Muhammad after his parents had died He was a trader
Did the Muslims ever conquer Mecca? Yes they did
Created by: wvbillhilly