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Larrin Shriver

Chapter 10

What are Christians and Jews who don't pay a poll tax called according to Muhammad? Infidels
According to The Qur'an what had to happen in order for Muslims to declare war? They had to be attacked first.
What book do Muslims consider the Holy book? The Qur'an
How do Muslims view people who converted their beliefs to Muslim? They view them as a believer.
Who is Allah? The only Muslim god.
What is the hajj? A pilgrimage of Muslims.
Where did Abbasids move the capital to? Baghdad
How many classes are in the Muslim social classes? 4
Who was Al-Razi? A great author who wrote medical books
How did they tell time? They had a water clock.
Where did the first water clock appear? Egypt
Where is the city of Mecca today? In modern day Arabia
Where would Muhammad go to meditate? The mountains
What was the name of the angel who spoke to Muhammad when he was 40? Gabriel
Why didn't Muhammad want pictures of him created? He didn't want to be created as a god.
What did most Islam art consist of? Calligraphy
What are the 3 Holy Cities in Islam? Mecca, Medina, and Jerusalem
Where was Muhammad born? Mecca
How old was Muhammad when he was orphaned? Age 6
What class was Christians, Jews, and. Zoroastrian? The third class
Why was calligraphy so popular? According to law drawing living beings was prohibited.
What caused problems after Muhammad's death? He did not appoint a successor.
What did the "righty guided" caliphs base their actions on? The Qur'an and Muhammad's actions.
Why was trade in Muslim lands so successful? They spoke one language and used one currency.
Why did people in Mecca not like Muhammad's teachings? They feared it would take away from the original gods.
What must all Muslims do with the five pillars of Islam? Carry them out
What do Muslims believe about Muhammad being the prophet? He is the greatest and the last prophet.
What did King Shahryar do to all of his wives but one? Killed them
What did all King Shahryar have in common? They were all unfaithful.
Who was head of the house according to Ottoman way of life? The father
Created by: Larrin23