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Brock herrod

Chapter 10

What was the name of the bowl on the water clock Outflow clepsydra
Why was the hijrah important Muhammed was accepted as a political leader in Medina
What must all muslims do Carry out the five pillars of Islam
What are the bodys of islamic law The sunna and the qur'an
What do muslims believe about muhammad He was the last and greatest of the prophets
Who are the infidels The non- believers
What is one caliphs religious duties Must clarify proofs of religion
What is one non religion duties To defend lands of Islam
What was one popular literature from Islam 1001 nights
Where was the great mosque of Damascus built On the site of a christian church
How did the sufi live In poverty
Calligraphy The art of beautiful hand writing
What lead to conflict after muhammad's death He had neither specified a successor nor indicated how to choose one
What was true about the rightly guided caliphs They based their leadership on the Qur'an and muhammad actions
Why was muslim trade so successful It was united by a single language and currency
Caliph Supreme political and religious leader in a muslim government
al-Andalus Muslim ruled region in what is now Spain, established in the eighth century
What is one thing the abbasids did during their caliphate Increased their authority by consulting religious leaders
Where were two main trading networks Mediterranean sea and Indian Ocean
What caliphate did Shi'a muslims form Fatimid
Who were known as the protected people Christians, Jews, and Zoroastrians
Why was calligraphy so popular Muslim law prohibited the drawing of living beings
Why was al-Khwarizmi so important He developed the study of algebra
House of wisdom Center of learning established in bagdad
Baghdad's population was made up of four _______ classes Social
What is the standard for all Arabic literature and poetry Qur'an
True or false? Muslim art includes images of living beings False
Who wrote the Comprehensive book al-Razi
al-Razi believed patients would recover quickly if they breathed ________ air Cleaner
Hijrah Muhammed's migration from Mecca to Yathrib
Created by: Brock11