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Chapter 10

Muhammad was born in the city _____. Mecca
Mecca is in modern day _______. Saudi Arabia
What is hajj? A pilgrimage that Muslims complete.
What is the name of the angel that came to Muhammad? Gabriel
After the death of Muhammad's parents , he became a ____. Trader
What is the name of the bowl on a water clock? Outflow clepsydra
In the clock built in the 1200s minutes were represented by the _____ weight. Small.
In the clock built in the 1200s hours were represented by the _____ weight. Heavy.
Define the word mosque. A Muslim house of worship.
Faith, alms, pilgrimage, fasting and prayer are the ________ of Islam. Five Pillars
Before Baghdad was created _____ was the leading city. Damascus
The capital was moved to what city? Baghdad
The Quran says, one of the primary duties of a Muslim is to prevent ____ in the world. Injustices
Muslim advances in astronomy, have helped to improve what modern thing in technology? Their advances contributed to the making of telescope lenses.
List two countries out of the five that "1001 Nights" originated from. India, Arab, Syria, Egypt, Persia.
What is the name of the king that the teller of the Arabian Nights is married to? King Shahryar.
One of the most famous Islamic groups of literature is? "1001 Nights"
The "Rightly Guided" caliphs used what as their guides? The Quran and Muhammad's actions.
Christians and Jews had to pay ____. Taxes
The Sufi did not agree with the way their rulers lived, so they lived a life of ____. Poverty
When Ali was assassinated the elective system of choosing a caliph ____ with him. Died
True or False: The Abbasids failed to keep complete political power. True
The Umayyads tried went away from Muslim beliefs, and began to value the life of ____. Wealth
The Shari'a states that men and women are ___. Equal
The shari'a regulates ___ life, moral conduct, business and community life of Muslims. Family
True or false; Muhammad never came to believe that he was a prophet. False, he did believe he was a prophet.
Who is the narrator of the Arabian Nights tales? A narrator is someone who "witnessed" the story.
The Quran is written in what language? Arabic
Muslims are supposed to pray __ times a day. 5
Is it a true statement that Muslims do not eat certain foods, due to their religion? Yes, it is a true statement
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