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Alex Talerico

Chapter 10

Three holiest cities in Islam are _______, _________and_______ Mecca, medina, Jerusalem.
How does the husband divorce his wife? He says "I dismiss thee".
Why did Muhammad's teachings anger some people in Mecca? They feared people would abandon traditional gods.
Why was Hijra important? Muhammad was accepted as a political leader in Mecca
All Muslims must Carry out the 5 pillars of Islam
What do Muslims believe about Muhammad He was the last and greatest if the prophets
When did abu bakr? and who took his spot 634, Umar
What was true of the "rightly guided" caliphs They based their leadership on Qur'an and Muhammad's actions
Bedouin poets reflected on what? The spirit of desert life, composed eelbrating ideals as bravery, love generosity, and hospitality.
What encouraged Muslim leaders to support places of learning such as the house of wisdom? Muhammad's emphasis on study and scholarship
How did al-khwarizimi contribute to math and science? He developed the study of algerbra
What is Sunna? An Islamic model for living, based on the life and teachings of Muhammad
What is Allah? God (an Arabic word, used mainly Islam)
What is mosque? An Islamic place of worship
Cairo is what kind of capital? Fatmid
What is Fatimid? A member of a Muslim dynasty thAt traced its ancestry to Muhammad's daughter Fatima and that built an empire in North Africa, Arabia, and Syria in the 10th and 12th centuries.
What is a Sunni? The branch of Islam whose members acknowledge the first four caliphs as the rightful successors of Muhammad.
What is a Sufi A Muslim who seeks to achieve direct contact with god through mystical means
Created by: A-Rod