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The Enlightenment

What did the Enlightenment promote around the world in the 18th Century? Revolution against governments
Which world leaders were influenced by the Enlightenment? American & French revolutionaries
What did the Age of Enlightenment apply to the human and natural world? Reason
How did the Enlightenment affect religion? Stimulated religious TOLERATION
Which Enlightenment thinker believed religious toleration should triumph over fanaticism? Voltaire
Which Enlightenment thinker believed in the concept of "separation of church and state"? Voltaire
Which 3 areas of life the did the Enlightenment affect? Political, religious, & social ideas
Which Enlightenment thinker wrote "The Spirit of Laws"? Montesquieu
Which Enlightenment thinker promoted that government is a CONTRACT between rulers? Jean-Jacques Rousseau
Which Enlightenment thinker wrote "Two Treatises on Government"? John Locke
In the writings of "Two Treatises on Government", what 2 points were made? 1-people are sovereign; 2-people agree to governmental rule for protection of natural rights of life, liberty & property
Which Enlightenment thinker is most opposite of John Locke? Thomas Hobbes
Which Enlightenment thinker wrote "Leviathan"? Thomas Hobbes
What were the two points made in the ideals of "Leviathan"? 1-humans exist in a primitive state of nature; 2-humans give consent to government for self-protection
What thinker encouraged separation of powers? Montesquieu
Who wrote "The Social Contract"? Jean-Jacques Rousseau
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