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History 9

Ch. 4 Test

a person of mixed European and Native descent; specifically Spanish and Aztec Mestizo
The ocean that Columbus sailed across west across the Atlantic
Where did Columbus land after sailing Caribbean San Salvador
He defeated the Incas Fransisco Pizzarro
He conquered the Aztecs Hernando Cortez
where the Dutch settled in North America the area around the Hudson River
What the Dutch settlement in North America was renamed New Netherlands/ New York
Where Columbus first landed in the Americas The Carribean San Salvador (Holy Savior)
Three things that helped the Spanish conquer the Aztecs disease, supreme fire power, native help
What was the encomienda system forced labor for landlords
What the encomienda system was based on assumption that natives were inferior and European were better
Who kicked out the Dutch from North America? The English
the colony/territory that covered the Midwestern part of the U.S and Canada New France
The colony that the Pilgrims found Plymouth
Who won the French and Indian War the British (England)
How New France made their money Fur Trade
The war that cost the French their territory in North America and caused half of it to go the the British The French and Indian War
The first English settlement in North America Jamestown
The reason that the English wanted to take over New Netherlands New Netherlands separated England's northern and southern US colonies
How was Africa affected by the Atlantic Slave Trade? Introduction of guns, Break up of families, Lose fittest generations
The 3 continents that were part of the triangular trade system Europe, Africa, New World
Goods that were necessary for the triangular trade system slaves, raw materials, manufactured goods
The starting point of the middle passage Africa to West Indies
The ending point of the middle passage West Indies to New World
Why was the middle passage called the middle passage It was the Middle Leg of the Transatlantic Trade Triangle
Where manufactured goods/items were made in the triangular trade system England/Europe
What was shipped on the middle passage? slaves
Things that England exported in the triangular trade system manufactured goods
The reason that African slaves were necessary to the triangular trade system they were needed as a cheap source of labor to produce raw materials and to trade
Why the system was called the triangular trade system it was shaped like a triangle
How a nation could increase wealth according to mercantilism acquire gold and silver by Favorable Balance of Trade = sell more than you buy
One effect in Europe of the financial success of the American colonies rise of merchant class/growth of cities/increased overall wealth of European Nations
idea within mercantilism where you own a private business and reinvest profit to make more profit capitalism
transfer of plants, animals, and disease from Europe to the New World and the New World to Europe Colombian Exchange
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