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Unit 2 Test

Unit 2 test questions

How did the Renaissance society and values differ from those of Middle Ages? Middle Ages valued science, government, and citizenship. Society social activities, working on land, and fairs. Renaissance valued religion, appearance, and new ideas. Society church related, and education.
How did the ideas and values of the Renaissance represent a "rebirth" of the classical learning of the Greeks and Romans? They represent "rebirth" because Renaissance literally means rebirth. They have much interest in education and values.
How does Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice reflect the ideas and values of the Renaissance? Values money over human relationships and physical beauty. Bassanio chose the box that was less pretty because everyone else would go with physical beauty.
Which beliefs and practices of the Catholic Church did the Protestant Reformation challenge? Martin Luther challenged the Church's belifs like salvation was achieved through faith and works. And John Calvin believed in predestination.
Characterize the reaction of the Catholic Church to the Protestant Reformation The Pope directed attempts to get rid of Protestant Governments and restore the power to Catholics.
Created by: tatummilo333