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Med Term Ch 13/14

Mod 5

Balanitis Inflammation of the glans penis
Spermatogenesis The process of sperm formation
Priapism painful erection that last 4 hours or more without sexual excitement
Phallic Pertaining to the Penis
Orchalgia Pain in one or both of the testicles
Phimosis Abnormally narrow opening of the foreskin of the penis
Andropause Decrease of the male hormone testosterone during middle age
Hysterectomy Surgical removal of the uterus
Vaginosis Abnormal condition or disease of the vagina
Leukorrhea Profuse, whitish mucus discharge form the uterus and vagina
Pruritus vulvae Sever itching of the external female genitalia
Metorrhea Abnormal discharge form the uterus
Mastalgia Pain in the breast
Myometrium Muscular middle layer of the uterus
Menopause Normal termination of the menstrual function
Polyphagia Excessive hunger associated with diabetes insipidus
Colpectomy Surgical removal of the vagina
Colposcopy Direct visual examination of the tissues of the cervix and vagina
Cervicitis Inflammation of the neck of the uterus
Amenorrhea Abnormal absence of menstrual periods for 3 months or more
Cryptorchidism Developmental defect in which on e testicle fails to descend into the scrotum
Oophoritis Inflammation of the fallopian tube
Dysmenorrhea Difficult or painful monthly flow
Episiotomy Surgical incision into the vulva
Gynecomastia Condition of excessive mammary development in the male
Diabetes Mellitus Group of metabolic diseases characterized by hypoglycemia
Exophthalmos Abnormal protrusion of the eyeball out of the orbit
Hysterosalpingography Process of recording the structures of the uterus and fallopian tubes with the use of a radiopaque contrast medium
Vasectomy Male sterilization procedure
Anorchism Absence of one or both testicles
Endocrinopathy refers to any disease of the endocrine system
Perimetrium The tough membrane outer layer of the uterus
Cervicitis Inflammation of the inside lining of the cervix
Mastopexy Surgically place sagging breast in a more elevated position
Oophorectomy Surgical removal of an ovary
Hypocalcemia Abnormally low levels of calcium in the blood
Anovulation Absence of ovulation when it would be normally expected
Endocrinologist Physician who specializes in diagnosing and treating diseases and malfunctions of the endocrine glands
Adenoma A slow growing benign tumor
Thyroidectomy Surgical removal of the thyroid gland
Hypoglycemia Abnormally low concentration of glucose in the blood
Adrenalitis Inflammation of the adrenal glands
Impotence/Erectile Dysfunction The inability of the male to achieve or maintain a penile erection
Gynecologist A physician who specializes in diagnosing and treating diseases and disorders of the female reproductive system
Oophoritis Inflammation of an ovary
Ovulation The release of a mature egg form a follicle on the surface of the ovary
Ectopic Pregnancy Potentially dangerous condition in which a fertilized egg is implanted and begins to develop outside of the uterus
Acr/o Extremities, top, extream point
Adren/o Adrenal Glands
Crin/o Secrete
-dipsia Thirst
Glyc/o Glucose, Sugar
Gonad/o Gonad, Sex gland
-ism Condition, state of
Pancreat/o Pancreas
Parathyroid/o Parathyroid gland
Pineal/o Pineal gland
Pituitar/o Pituitary gland
Poly- Many
Somat/o Body
Thym/o Thymus Gland
Thyr/o Thyroid/o Thyroid Gland
cervic/o Cervix (neck of uterus)
Colp/o Vagina
-gravida Pregnant
Gynec/o Woman, female
Hyster/o Uterus
Mast/o Breast
Men/o Menstruation, menses
Orchid/o Testicles
Ov/o Egg, ovum
Ovari/o Ovary
-para To give birth
-pexy Surgical Fixation
Salping/o Uterine (fallopian) tube
Test/i testicle, testis
Vagin/o vagina
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