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Yochanan Ben Zakkai 1st historical Rabbi. Creates blueprint for Jewish survival. Builds academy W/ of Jerusalem where new literature of Judaism (Talmud) comes to be.
Akiba Ben Joseph Important Rabbi 80 yrs. old). Stirs up revolt against Rome. Skinned with hot irons for teaching Torah.
Bar Kochba Originally Akiba. General. "The Star" of ragtag Jewish army. Called a Messiah. (580,000 jews die in battle)
Judah Hanasi Hebrew President(Hanasai) in Palestine. Decided laws/decisions had to be written down. Did'nt want to risk losing everything... contents of oral Torah. --> Mishna
Abba Aricha(Tall) - (Known as RAV) Lesser authority than Rabbis in Palestine. "The" Rav. Educated in Palestine. Specialized in religious law.
Rav Samuel Rival (not enemy) of Abba Aricha. Expert of civil law. The law of the land is the law.
Rav Ashi Important figure to Jewish community in Babylonia. Starts compiling what ultimately becomes Talmud. (mishna and gemara = Talmud)
Rav Amram: Gaon of Sura Very powerful Gaon. Brilliant scholar Wrote brilliant responsa. Recieves question: How do we pray? -Wrote Jewish prayer book Siddur.
Saadia Gaon Translated bible to Arabic(oldT). Confided all Jewish law. Wrote grammar book. Conflict with exilarch. - Became most powerful Geonim. Most important in Babylonia. Wrote book of Jewish philosophy. Showed that kaarite movement was destructive and illogical.
Saadia Gaon cont'd Got rid of authority in Babylon. Took over authority of making calendar. His book was Emunot v' Deot.
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