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Renaissance & Reform

The Renassiance ,discontent with the church, & the reformation

What does the Renassiance mean? "Rebirth"
What was Johanne Gutenburg famous for? Inventing the printing press.
What is anatomy? The structure of humans,animals,and plants.
What is shading? Artists used this to add dimension to the figures.
What is perspective? The ability to give depth to paintings.
Who is Leonardo da vinci? He was one of the most stand out renaissance artist he was truly a renassiance man.
What were Leonardo's two most famous paintings? The Last Supper and the Mona Lisa
Who was Michaelangelo? An artist best know for his painting on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.
Who was Ghiberti? An artist famous the doors he sculpted the art he did was called Renassiance relief sculpture
Who was Brunelleschi? He designed the Dome for the Cathedral of Florence.
What are humanities? Subjects that covered human intrests and experiences.
Who was Petrach? A pioneer of Renassiance humanism and a central figure in Italian literatue.
Who was the "Father of Humanism"? Petrach
Who was Castiglione? An Italian author
Who was Machiavelli? He worked for the government in Florence,Italy,and observed political events in Europe.
Who was Eramus? One of the most highly reagarded and influential scholars of the Renassiance.
Created by: MMMcGuire