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The Medical Assisting Profession Chapter 3

Allied Health Fields Occupational disciplines in which professionals involved with the delivery of healthcare or related services asist physicians with the diagnosis
Benefits Services or Payments provided under a health plan
Certification Awarded a certificate based on proven knowledge
Continuing Education Unit (CEUs) Credits for course, classes, or seminars related to an individual's profession. CEU often are required for licensing
Cross-Training Training in more than one area so that a multitude of duties may be performed by one person
Externship or (internship) A training program that is part of the medical assisting course of study
Intangible Qualities that cannot be perceived, exspecially by touch, or cannot be precisely identifer or realize by the mind
Invasive Involving entry into the living body, as by inision or insertion of an instrument
Perks Extra advantages or benefits of working in a specific job
Phlebotomy An invasive procedure used to obtain blood specimen for testing
Profit Sharing Offer of a part of company's profits to employees
Stock Options Offers of stocks for purchase to a certain groups of individuals such as employees of a for-profit hospital
Versatile Having a wide range of abilities
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