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10.1 Neurology

Combining Forms for the Neurology Unit.

access/o supplemental or contributing part
affer/o bring toward the center
alg/o pain
alges/o sensation
angi/o blood vessel; lymphatic vessel
arachn/o spider;spider web
arteri/o artery
arter/o artery
astr/o starlike structure
audit/o the sense of hearing
autonom/o independent; self-governing
axi/o axis
blast/o immature; embryonic
bi/o life; living organisms; living tissue
carp/o wrist
caus/o burning
cavit/o hollow space
cav/o hollow space
cephal/o head
cerebell/o cerebellum (posterior part of the brain) cerebrum (largest part of the brain)
cerebr/o cerebrum (largest part of the brain) rapid contracting and relaxing
clon/o rapid contracting and relaxing
cochle/o cochlea (of the inner ear)
comat/o unconsciousness
concuss/o viloent shaking or jarring
conduct/o carrying; conveying
contus/o bruising
convuls/o seizure
cortic/o cortex (outer region)
crani/o cranium (skull)
cutane/o skin
cyt/o cell
dendr/o branching structure
diabet/o diabetes
disk/o disk
dors/o back; dorsum
dur/o dura mater
effer/o go out from the center
electr/o electricity
emiss/o to send out
encephal/o brain
ependym/o cellular lining
epilept/o seizure
esthes/o sensation; feeling
esthet/o sensation; feeling
excis/o to cut out
express/o communicate
faci/o face
fibrill/o muscle fiber; nerve fiber
fibr/o fiber
fiss/o splitting
foc/o point of activity
format/o structure; arrangement
front/o front
gemin/o set or group
gli/o cells that provide support
glob/o shaped like a globe; comprehensive
gloss/o tongue
lumb/o lower back; area between the ribs and pelvis
lymph/o lymph; lymphatic system
magnet/o magnet
malgin/o intentionally causing harm; cancer
man/o thin; frenzy
mening/o meninges
meningi/o meninges
ment/o mind; chin
micr/o one millionth; small
mot/o movement
myelin/o myelin
myel/o bone nmarrow; spinal cord; myelin
my/o muscle
narc/o stupor; sleep
neur/o nerve
nerv/o nerve
nuch/o neck
occipit/o occiput (back of the head)
ocul/o eye
olfact/o the sense of smell
olig/o scanty; few
opt/o eye; vision
pariet/o wall of a cavity
pathet/o suffering
peripher/o outer aspects
peritone/o peritoneum
pharyng/o pharynx (throat)
phas/o speech
phob/o fear; avoidance
phot/o light
pleg/o paralysis
potent/o being capable of doing
psych/o mind
punct/o hole; perforation
radicul/o spinal nerve root
recept/o recieve
ratard/o slow down; delay
rhiz/o spinal nerve root
scler/o hard; sclera (white of the eye)
sect/o to cut
sen/o old age
sens/o sensation
somat/o body
somn/o sleep
spast/o spasm
spin/o spine;backbone
stere/o three dimensions
surg/o operative procedure
syncop/o fainting
tact/o touch
techn/o techincal skill
tempor/o temple (side of the head)
thalam/o thalamus
tom/o cut; slice; layer
ton/o pressure; tone
tract/o pulling
transmitt/o to send across or through
trochle/o structure shaped like a pulley
gustat/o the sense of taste
hemat/o blood
herni/o hernia
hydr/o water; fluid
ict/o seizure
infarct/o area of dead tissue
isch/o keep back; block
lamin/o lamina (flat area on the vertebra)
lex/o word
troph/o development
vag/o wandering; vagus nerve
vascul/o blood vessel
ven/o vein
ventricul/o ventricle (lower heart chamber; chamber in the brain)
ventr/o front; abdomen
vestibul/o vestibule (entrance)
vis/o sight; vision
log/o word; the study of
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