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Breanna Sears


What era did Egypt enter their 3rd year of glory? New kingdom era
Who was the new pharaoh who took over so a child did not have to? Hatshepsut
Who is believed it have killed Hatshepsut? Thutmoses III her stepson
King who overthrew the Lybian dynasty that ruled Egypt for over 200 yrs Piankhi
Where was Meroe located? Close to the Red Sea
Aksum defeated Meroe in what yr? A.D 350
Who is the king that bragged about, burning, killing, and destroying cities in Babylon name? Sennicerhib
What was Assyria's capital? Neneveh
King____collected more 20,000 clay tablets in the Fertile Crescent? Asherbanipal
Wha was the names of the combined army's that destroyed Ninevah? Medes and Chaldeans
King that restored Babylon? Nebuchadnezzar
Jewish prophet that was the voice to explain is the felt about the destroying of their country was? Nahum
Who was Cyrus's sons name? Cambyses
Cambyses accessor and noble of the ruling dynasty was who? Darius
The famous____was how many miles long? Royal road and 1,677 miles long
Which Persian King began to conquer several neighboring kingdoms? Cyrus
What do the Jews see Cyrus? A prophet of God
Darius sent out inspectors known as the_____ "Kings eyes and ears"
China's most influential scholar was.... Confucius
Confucius stressed that children should practice______, or respect for their parents and ancestors. Filial piety
Confucius was considered the what? "Master"
Wha was the book of ethicals called? I Ching
What dynasty replaced the Zhou dynasty? Qin dynasty
What does shi huangdi mean? First emperor
Created by: Bsears99