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a group of belief systems, norms, and values practiced by a group of people (the way people live and why they live that way) culture
a culture that is local in nature, practiced by a homogeneous population, and changes slowly over time folk culture
culture that is practiced by a widespread, heterogeneous population, and changes rapidly popular culture
cultural traits that are constructed by people (buildings, food, clothing, music, art, etc.) material culture
values, norms, and beliefs about the way things should be nonmaterial culture
term that describes people's tastes about the way things should look aesthetics
the origin of a cultural trait hearth
a habit that is practiced by a large number of people custom
the process in which a folk culture loses so many traits that it becomes indistinguishable from another culture assimilation
the process by which a culture adopts a trait or custom from another culture and makes the trait its own cultural appropriation
the process in which a culture takes on some of the traits of another culture but keeps other traditional practices acculturation
folk culture group that practices communal living, uses farming technology, and is located mostly in the upper midwest Hutterites
Native American group that has fought to preserve the cultural tradition of whale hunting Makah
town in Kansas that is known as "Little Sweden" Lindsborg
the seeking out of a regional/local culture and reinvigorating it neolocalism
neighborhoods in which the majority of residents are part of a minority group within the larger society ethnic neighborhoods
the phenomenon that involves making money by promoting and/or selling material and nonmaterial culture commodification
business that builds "authentic" Irish pubs around the world Irish Pub Company
the idea that technology allows greater communication and interaction among some places, thereby making the world seem "smaller" time-space compression
the loss of uniqueness of places in the cultural landscape placelessness
a process in which people start to produce an aspect of popular culture themselves, doing so in the context of their local culture and place reterritorialization
the visible imprint of human activity on the landscape cultural landscape
geographer who wrote "Axioms for Reading the Landscape" Peirce Lewis
buildings created by a particular folk culture folk architecture
landscapes that are designed primarily to entertain visitors leisure landscapes
landscapes that have evolved as retirement or vaction home destinations amenity landscapes
region of Kentucky where you can find lots of gentleman farms Bluegrass
landscape characterized by wide streets, a strict north/south grid, unpainted barns, and large, brick houses Mormon landscape
farms owned by wealthy individuals that often serve an aesthetic purpose more than a functional one gentleman farms
landscapes heavily influenced by the tastes and desires of the wealthy elitist landscapes
Middle Eastern city that has become a very uspscale tourist destination Dubai
area of Long Island that has some of the most expensive real estate in the US the Hamptons
folk dwelling of the Navaho people hogan
cabin with an open-air passage-way between two main rooms dogtrot
long, narrow house typically found in the southern US shotgun house
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