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AFRI 113

Quiz 4

3 terms used to describe music in Africa Personal Music, Group Music, Listeners Music
Personal Music performed by one person for their enjoyment
Group Music Performed by a group for that group. *Dancing*
Listeners Music It is performed by professionals for an audience
5 different types of songs in Africa 1. Love Songs (Rare) 2. Protest songs (rare) 3. work songs (very important) 4. Praise songs (most common) 5. Celebratory Songs
Creolization the blending of 2 or more older music traditions together
Most popular music Came out of folk music
Blues & Jazz 1. Call & Response 2. Multiple rhythms (poly rhythms)
Jazz A musical genre that incorporates improvisation swing, phrasing, & articulations
Forms of Jazz Swing, Bebop, Hardbop, Third string
Father of Gospel Thomas Dorsey
Most popular form of blues country, classic, urban
spirituals essentially religious or essentially social (had escape messages in them)
What did spirituals transition into Gospel
Raps problems Sexist character, Widespread vulgar character, Often perceived as too violent
Created by: cammccarty