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Muslim Empires

Study Guide

4 caliphs that followed Muhammad Abu Bakr, Umar, Uthman, Ali
Why Abu Bakr was chosen as the 1st caliph he was the man that respected for his devotion to Muhammad
what happened at the "deadly dinner" the Abbasid invited the Umayyad leaders to meet to sign a peace treaty but ended up killing the leaders and taking over control of the whole empire
how the Abbasid Empire held onto to its power with large standing army stationed throughout the Empire, used policy of inclusion
the advancements of the Abbasid Empire developed Algebra, made accurate calander, made paper and lots of books
what factors led to the decline of the Abbasid Empire raised taxes that upset citizens, didn't protect merchants from banditry and trade, caliphs ignored government responsibilities
How the Abbasid Empire fell the Mongols capture Baghdad and ended the Abbasid Empire, Fatimid drove the Abbasid out of Egypt
the major scholars of Cordoba Moses Maimonides- doctor, writer Al Zahrawi-doctor made textbook on surgery Abbas Ibn Firnas- built planetarium in Cordoba
mercenary a soldier paid to fight
inclusion policy to get people accept rule
standing army fighting force maintained in times of peace and war.
Sunni a member of the Muslim group that accepted the rule of the elected caliphs
Shia Muslim group resisted the Umayyads' rule; believe caliphs should be related to Muhammad
Caliph Abd Malik making the official language of the empire Arabic, a common coinage, instituting the hajj to Mecca was how he unified the Umayyad Empire
emir Muslim governors
caliph a ruler of Muslim community, viewed as a successor of Muhammad
bureaucracy a system of departments agencies that carry out the work of a government
Damascus capital city of Umayyad Empire
Baghdad a city located in what is now Iraq, that was the capital of Abbasid empire
golden age a period in which a society or culture is at its peak
reconquest take back the land they conquered before
King Ferdinand and Queen isabella married couple that drove the Muslims out of Spain
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