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Scientific Revolution, Absolute Monarchs & English Civil War

What is the heliocentric theory? The Earth and planets revolve around a relatively stationary sun
What is the main effect of the Scientific Revolution? Changed the way people viewed their world & their place in it; explained problem secularly
Who developed the heliocentric theory? Nicholas Copernicus
Who discovered planetary motion? Johannes Kepler
Who went against the Church and supported the heliocentric theory using a telescope? Galileo Galilei
Which scientist formulated the law of gravity? Sir Isaac Newton
What was formed during the Scientific Revolution to aid in discoveries? Scientific Method
What were 2 items emphasized during the Scientific Revolution? Reason & Systematic Observation
Which scientist discovered the circulation of the blood? William Harvey
What was expanded during the Scientific Revolution? Scientific Knowledge
Who increased the power of the central governments in Europe during 16th & 17th centuries? Absolute monarchs of Europe
During the Age of Absolutism, how could you describe the power of government? CENTRALIZED power in ONE person
What term describes the right to rule derived directly from God, not from the consent of the people? Divine Right
Which French king built as a show of power the Palace of Versailles? King Louis the XIV (14th) of France
What enabled European monarchs to increase their wealth during the 1500's? Global Discoveries
Which Russian czar became ruler at age 17? Peter the Great (aka Peter I)
Which term is used to identify Peter the Great's efforts to modernize Russia? Westernization
Identify Westernization? Bring elements of Western culture to Russia
Who founded the city of St. Petersburg? Peter the Great
Which English Roundhead leader led Parliament against King Charles I? Oliver Cromwell
When did the English Civil War begin, and what was the spark? In 1642, English Civil War begins because Charles I decided to arrest Puritan leaders in Parliament
Who did Charles I of England depend on for funds when Parliament refused to provide money? Charles I had to rely on contributions from wealthy nobles "Loyalists"
What was Charles I made to do by Parliament, which increased Parliament's power? [2 answers] 1-Call Parliament every 3 years; 2-King could not longer dismiss Parliament
After Charles I was executed, England became a ___________ under Cromwell? Commonwealth
Which 2 Protestant English leaders came to power after the Glorious Revolution? William and Mary
What was the importance of the English Bill of Rights? William and Mary had to guarantee the rights of Englishmen by signing the document (and giving up some of their own power) before taking the throne
What English monarch was executed during the English Civil War? Charles I
What is the "Restoration"? When Parliament invites a monarch back to power after Cromwell died.
Who comes to the throne during the Restoration? Charles II
Whose power increased as a result of the English Civil War/Glorious Revolution? Parliamentary power
Whose power decreased as a result of the English Civil War/Glorious Revolution? Royal power
Created by: kmprice06