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hem 2

Blood Chemistry

Chemistry test are usually drawn in either a plan _____ top or a ______ top Red, Marble
what is the colored top that is just plain glass and has nothing added? Red
The marbled top contains? clot activator and gel separator(Thyxitropic)
What is the name of the agency that sets the requirements that must be followed for testing? CLIA
QC are various methods used to ensure test results can be relied on by one of two methods: Calibration of the analyzer and Running controls
this method uses samples with a known value(low, high, - or +) Running controls
this method uses a standard (or "normal") to check the accuracy of units analyzing capability Calibration of the analyzer
White, waxy, fatty substance (lipid) that we must have for normal body function Cholesterol
Cholesterol in the blood is mostly manufactured by the liver, however some comes from diet, and is aptly termed... dietary cholesterol
dietary cholesterol is found only in? animal products
Cholesterol levels are determined by both our? genetic makeup and the amount we consume thru diet
High cholesterol = excessive amount of cholesterol in blood
what is a buildup of fatty deposits on the artery walls Atherosclerosis
Atherosclerosis can lead to... heart attack or stroke
what are used first to reduce cholesterol? diet and exercise
Total cholesterol norms should be under 200 mg/dl
Total cholesterol borderline high #'s 200 to 239
Total cholesterol high #'s 240 mg/dl or higher
HDL Cholesterol optimal above 45 mg/dl (many dr.'s want it over 60)
HDL Borderline low 40-45 mg/dl
Increase risk of CHD below 40 mg/dl
its job is to carry bad cholesterol out of the vessels, to the live, and out the body HDL
bad cholesterol is called LDL
LDL ideally, #'s should be under 100 mg/dl
Triglycerides are affected by? food consumption
Triglycerides contributes to heart disease and hardenings of the arties. True of False? True
Trig levels must be below ______ to be considered normal. 150mg/dl
It total cholesterol level is 200 mg/dl or higher, the MD usually orders a lipid profile
a lipid profile includes? Total cholesterol, HDL, LDL, Triglycerides
The Thyroid Panel consists of : TSH, T3, T4
BUN Blood Urea Nitrogen
K Potassium
Na Sodium
this test is used to detect changes in water and salt balance in the body Na
this test helps diagnose disturbances acid-base and water balance in the body K
is a kidney function test that may detect renal disease if an abnormal increase in its levels and its especially helpful in determining glomerular functionality BUN
hyperkalemia high levels of potassium in the blood
CK Creatinine kinase
CK is order when pt.'s complain of chest pain
Ck helps diagnose a myocardial infraction
is an enzyme that's found in the muscle; if the muscle is damaged, the enzyme is then released and can be detected in through this blood test CK
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